My journey with oils started with me deciding to take a detox bath. I went to a Health Food Store and bought a Lavender Essential Oil. As I was getting my bath ready, I picked up the bottle of oil and read the back. It said “do not ingest or take internally”. I was not expecting to read that and decided that I wasn’t going to put that in my bath. I wasn’t going to sit in a hot bath and let the oils seep into by skin. Whatever you put on your body is absorbed into your skin, and the hot water would only drive it in further. Needless to say, I was disappointed that I couldn’t put the oils in my bath.

The next day, I took my son to the park, and a dear friend was sitting at the other end of the table talking to some friends. I smelled something wonderful. An aroma of peppermint. I went over to find out what it was. She had a spray bottle of Peppermint Oil and water and was using it as a mister for the hot day. I immediately started asking her questions about the oils. She told me they were Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, no fillers, no pesticides and you can take them internally. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I felt like it was a sign that she had her oils out the day after I tried to take my detox bath.

After learning more, I knew I found the oils I needed for my family.

I was going through health issues and I decided to add the oils to my natural regiment.

I got sick a few years back. It took some time & research but I found out the root cause. The outward effects were extremely hard, as you can see in the pictures. It was SUPER painful, hardly able to be covered by makeup & brought me to a very sad state. I didn’t want to go outside. I didn’t want to see people.

I tried lots & lots of things. Went to many doctors, holistic, conventional, etc… I found 2 amazing people who were able to help me find the root cause and get on a regiment. They discovered it was an internal bacteria that was showing itself through my face. It took several months for it to go away (9-12 months). I was left with skin imperfections. But the health issue was gone, thankfully.

The following year it came back and I did the same regiment again. At this point this is when I learned about Essential Oils from my dear friend. I wasn’t sure it was going to help me, but it was worth a try. I started researching my health issues in regards to the oils and decided to use them as another tool.

Not only did it take only a few months for my face to clear up this time, but the skin imperfections went away. And the added bonus was I also used the oils to help with my emotions.

Using essential oils, eating a healthy diet and exercising has helped to overcome getting rid of bacteria out of my body and made me feel that I can move forward with my health.

I couldn’t be more thankful that I was introduced to the oils. They have helped me on so many levels in my life. I am beyond blessed. I decided since I saw & received these results that I need to be sharing them with the world to help others support their life. That is why I’m passionate in sharing with others & helping them improve their life, in whichever way they may need it.

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