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This is my story. It's a hard one for me. But it's my biggest WHY for sharing Doterra with others.

I got sick a few years back. It took some time and research, but I found the root cause. The outward effects were extremely hard, as you can see in the pictures. It was EXTREMELY painful, hardly able to be covered by makeup & brought me to a very down state. I didn't want to go outside. I didn't want to see people.

I tried many different things. Went to several doctors, holistic, conventional, etc. I found 2 amazing people who were able to help me get on a regiment. It took several months for my face to clear (9-12 months), but I was left with facial imperfections. Thankfully the health issue was gone.

The following year the same issues came back, and I followed the same regiment again. At this point I learned about Essential Oils from my dear friend.

I wasn't sure it was going to help me, but it was worth a try. I started researching my health issues in regards to the oils and decided to use them as another tool.

Not only did it take a few months for my face to clear up this time, but the imperfections went away.
You can see from the pictures how my face healed starting from the inside out. First, I healed the root cause, then topically healing the skin imperfections. And the added bonus was I also used the oils to help support my emotions.

I couldn't be more thankful that I was introduced to the oils. They have helped me on so many levels in my life. I am beyond blessed.


I decided since I saw & received these results that I need to be sharing them to help others support their life.

That is why I'm passionate about sharing & helping people improve their life, in whichever way they may need it. That is why I continue to share my heart and genuine concern for others who need support.

*These pics were from 2014/2015 

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