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Jennifer Sermabeikian 


Electro-Dermal Biofeedback Practitioner

VoiceBio©™ Sound Therapist

Dr. Amen Brain Health Professional Coach

Health, Life & Mindset Coach

Self-Care Advocate for Caregivers
Essential Oil Educator

Jennifer started her journey in Natural Health & Wellness in 2008, studying Nutrition. She was led on many paths with doctors as her family went through several health issues. This intrigued her to delve into learning about natural modalities and conventional options.
During this time, she created to share simple, nutritious meals that would feed the body, mind, and soul. This was very important to Jennifer because she learned that the food we eat could help our overall health, energy, moods, emotions, fight diseases, and so much more. She needed to share her creations & knowledge to let others know that we can direct our health on the right path if we choose. In addition, Jennifer wanted to show people there were other natural options for eating.
In 2012, Jennifer encountered her own health issues, which led her to seek out even more natural modalities. This was when she was introduced to the Interrogatory Biofeedback Testing with Electro-Dermal Dialogue. She was very intrigued and wanted to learn more to help herself and others.
In 2014, Jennifer received her Certified Holistic Nutritionist Certificate.
Jennifer met with Dr. H. Roy Curtin in 2015 and began training on the Interrogatory Biofeedback Technology. She then began working out of her home office, testing clients. In February 2017, she opened her office in Murrieta, CA. In May 2019, she began working out of her home office in Laguna Niguel. 
In July 2017, Jennifer became a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach. Jennifer offers one-on-one consultations to help empower you to live a healthy lifestyle. 
In 2018, Jennifer began studying for another modality that would further help her clients. In  July 2018, Jennifer became a VoiceBio©™ Sound Therapist Certified by Dr. Kae Thompson-Liu. 
In December 2018, Jennifer got certified as a Life Coach, another one of her passions. Her heart is to help and support people in their life goals and needs. That started her journey in Mindset Coaching, which has become her passion, with an in-depth focus on Self-Care for Caregivers. 
In March 2018, Jennifer started learning from Jay Shetty, a purpose coach. He has mentored her up until today. Jay Shetty's teaching has provided Jennifer with abundant resources for herself and others she coaches. 
In 2019, Jennifer started training for the Dr. Amen Brain Health Professional Coaching Certification. She put it on hold while caring for her father with Alzheimer's. She completed the training and became certified in February 2024. This is another beneficial modality to offer her clients. 

Jennifer's training will continue for years because she believes education should continue for your whole life. We should always learn and grow. She has a great team training her and is blessed to support others in their health, wellness, and life journey.
For years, Jennifer has been writing. It is one of her passions to help inspire, motivate, and foster love within people. Jennifer published her first book in 2021, Self-Care for Caregivers—A 60-Day Accountability Journal. She is looking forward to more books being published in the future. 


Pepperdine University 

Bachelor of Science in Management, April 1999



VoiceBio©™ Sound Therapist
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Certified Health Coach
Dr. Amen Brain Health Professional Coach

Life Coach Certification

Real Estate Agent

*LivingJen, Jennifer Sermabeikian, is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose disease, prescribe drugs, or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.
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