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Brainwave Assessment

This is an online assessment where we find your home note.
We will listen to 12 sound frequencies to narrow down your specific note.  

What is a home note?

It's the note that puts your body and mind into homeostasis. It's the note where you are at peace, where your organs go into alignment, where you are most creative.

The frequency of your soul is where you are at peace within your body, which is exactly the note we are finding. So that means you can access soul information from your note. Soul information can be your soul purpose and what you are supposed to do in this lifetime. When you access your soul energy, you are peaceful and still because you are back to the core of you. 

Proven to be helpful for your immune system, anxiety, depression, PTSD, TBI, dementia, and any other nervous system disorders.

You will receive musical downloads for each brainwave state -

Delta (sleep)
Theta (creativity)
Alpha (learning)
Beta (overcoming ADD/ADHD/thinking)

The session is held on a Zoom call.
Approximately 1/2 hour
Requirements - headphones or earbuds 

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