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My heart is excited, humbled, full of gratitude & beyond blessed to say that my book is available.

My designer, Meg Jenson, is amazing & I’m super blessed for her creativity, heart & the connection we have to make this come to life.

I’d be humbled and blessed if you could share this with people that may benefit from this journal. And if it’s purchased, I’d love a review on Amazon. 

Who is this book for?

Anyone who needs accountability for self-care is a caregiver - which can be a parent, teacher, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, therapist, coach, trainer, business owner, employee, staff, and or anyone caring for others.

For caregivers to successfully help those under their care, they need to provide themselves with self-care. If they are not taking care of their physical, emotional, and mental health, they will not be as equipped to serve others.

This journal will provide caregivers with the needed channel to document their own self-care journey and provide inspiration and internal peace. In addition, using this journal for 60 days will give caregivers accountability for themselves.

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I wrote this book/accountability journal for caregivers... but not only the typical caregivers you think of, but for a whole realm of people who care for others.

I was thinking out of the box when I decided who this journal was for.

A caregiver cares for others and gives of themselves to help support them in whichever way is needed.

A caregiver is a teacher, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, therapist, practitioner, coach, trainer, family member, someone working in a care facility, or anyone caring for another.

Example - A teacher is a caregiver. They are caring for each student's well-being to progress in life and help pave the path to learn, grow and become well-rounded individuals.

Example - A therapist is a caregiver. They are listening, supporting, and guiding their patients.

Each of these caregivers needs to make sure they take time to care for themselves. If they make time for themselves, they are better equipped to help others.

For bulk purchases contact me for pricing. 

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