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What are Electro-Dermal Biofeedback & VoiceBio Assessments & Heart Centered Life Coaching?


Let’s look at some Question and Answers and get a glimpse of what to expect at an Assessment.


Q. What is an Electro-Dermal Biofeedback Assessment?

A. The IQS™ Biofeedback is a computerized technology that offers each client valuable information about the overall body’s function. The main objective is to find the root cause of stress & imbalance in the body. Our goal is to create a balanced healthy body. The IQS records detailed information about your overall health, allowing us to address your specific health needs. This information includes – Hormones, Allergies, Emotions, Viruses, Bacteria, Stress, Nutritional Needs and much more.


Q. What is VoiceBio?

A. VoiceBio is a Non-Invasive process with the depth of information. As a client, you will be empowered to understand the Root Cause of your physical & emotional imbalances. You will be able to take back control of your health through nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, etc. Everything in the Universe functions through sound vibration. Because VoiceBio©™ accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, it can be an invaluable assessment tool on the way to understanding and realizing optimal physical health.


Q. What to expect during an In-Person Session?

A. First, we will take a Voiceprint using the VoiceBio. 

1) The client speaks three different voice samples into a highly sensitive microphone.

2) A computer instantly sorts and graphs the frequency tones, ignoring word content.

3) The practitioner then utilizes a computer-generated chart to discuss which frequencies are present and which are missing... along with possible remedies. 

Then we will delve in deeper using the Electro-Dermal Biofeedback. You will be holding a brass bar in one hand. The Consultant with touch specific points on your finger with a stylus/probe on acupressure points to get a reading. These readings will generate measurements that indicate where the stresses in the body are located. An appointment will last 1 hour or more depending on your specific needs.


Q. What is testing by proxy or remote testing? 

A. Electro-Dermal Biofeedback Screening is done in person & remotely. Some clients live in other states, countries or farther away, so remote testing is the preferred method to use. The IQS Practitioner coordinates an online call/meeting with the client. The Practitioner will use an energetic connection to test the client. The results are the same as if the client was sitting there in person.


Q. What is Heart Centered Life Coaching?

A. Heart Centered Life Coaching is a form of Online Life Coaching that focuses on creating a lifestyle of peace, happiness, positivity, consciousness & love. We will work together to unravel what is holding you back, find your trapped emotions, relieve stress & anxiety, and so much more... We will learn how to focus on the present and where and what you want to achieve. Everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all. You have your own path, your own journey and how you work best. We will look at your learning style, the way you best get results. We will work on self-care, self-development, being present in each moment, etc... You will be given tools to help you work through your challenges. As your Life Coach, you will get my full undivided attention, a space of non-judgment, empathy & compassion. You are loved. And you deserve to feel whole and complete.

Q. How to prepare for a Session?

A. Make sure you are well hydrated before arriving at the Session. Eat a balanced meal before arrival (no food 1 hour before the appointment). Please make sure your jewelry is off during the Session.


By Appointment Only


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*LivingJen, Jennifer Tukhi is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose disease, prescribe drugs or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions.

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