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My journey - Part 2

People were getting used to my new way of cooking and started asking for recipes. I never wrote things down or followed recipes, I just created as I went. So there were no recipes to give them 😉 I finally decided to create a website where I could finally write down recipes & others could access them. That’s where LivingJen started 😊

Back then I created to be able to share simple nutritious meals that would feed the body, mind, and soul. Meals that don’t take long to make & aren’t complex.😉 This was very important to me because I learned that the food we eat can help with our overall health, our energy, moods, emotions, fighting diseases and so much more. I wanted to share my creations & knowledge to let others know that we can direct our health on the right path if we choose. I wanted to show people there were other natural options for eating.

I would always & still to this day get teased how my food doesn’t look that presentable 😜 but that it tastes Great! I’m ok with that 😂

Example - I make these amazing black bean patty kinda things that taste delicious... but... they look like cookies 😂

I remember many years ago taking my mom to her oncologist appt. We walked in and in the waiting room, there were bowls of candy. I was shocked. I had been learning that sugar feeds diseases & to have candy at an oncologist office was not ok in my book.😢

Mom was very dehydrated from the chemo. And the Dr. told her she can drink Gatorade for the electrolytes. My mind started racing and all I could think of was food coloring and sugar.😬 I’m glad I was in the room because I asked if she could have coconut water instead. He was very nice & open to my idea and said that would be a good option as well.🙏🏻

To be continued...


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