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My journey - Part 5

The brain & how it functions has interested me. I’ve been fascinated as to why people react a certain way, why they are a certain way, and what they can do to nurture the brain they have. Everyone has a story and looking at all parts of our wellness is important to me. So last year I started training for the Dr. Amen Brain Health Coaching Certification. This is a work in progress and I’m looking forward to the knowledge I’ll gain.

Something that has intrigued me throughout my life has been our individuality. That we don’t fit in a box, that we are all made different and there is no one size fits all.

I’ve lived a life of being outside the box in many ways 😉 and I’m thankful for being my own and allowing myself to be true to me. Not everyone allows themselves that opportunity whether it be of fear, culture, or following the norm. But I think it’s important to live a genuine life that you are comfortable in no matter what others think or say.

Going through life we encounter things that mold us into who we are. It becomes part of our being & we are ever-changing depending on the experiences we’ve had. I look at those experiences as a blessing in disguise because if it weren’t for those experiences we wouldn’t be who we are today.

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences. Amazing, good, bad & ugly. All of them bring us to where we are today, to who we are today. It empowers us to reach for more, to learn more, to grow more & to help more.

I keep learning and growing and doing the hard work. I am still and will always be a work in progress. I am by no means perfect. I am perfectly imperfect. I am still healing my body, my mind, my heart & my soul. I will always be working on me, but on different levels.

Thank you for reading these posts. I wanted to share some of me because I think it’s important to know the real person behind the posts. I’ll be sharing more here & there because I believe our stories help others.💜🙏🏻


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