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My journey - Part 3

When my daughter was very young, months old, I could tell something was unique in her. As a short time unraveled I noticed she was a highly sensitive child/heightened sensory & several other things. Learning about this, the brain & how each person is unique in their own being was a beautiful process. It helped me gain more patience, compassion, unconditional love & no judgments as to how things are supposed to be. This started me on a new journey of learning how we all don’t fit in the same box. That everyone has their unique makeup & story. And even if others have opinions our mindset is what makes us keep pushing forward.

Years later I encountered my own health issues which led me to seek out even more natural modalities. I had cystic acne all over my face and it hurt so bad. I didn’t want to leave the house. I went to my Dr. and they couldn’t find anything going on. They sent me home as I was. I was searching for answers, for a root cause. Because I knew from my studies it wasn’t topical but something inside coming outward.

I was referred to 2 people by dear friends/family. A chiropractor and a biofeedback practitioner. The chiropractor used a few modalities & told me I had a parasite and strep in my lungs. The biofeedback practitioner assessed me & said there was stress in my body with a parasite & stress in my lungs. That was the root cause. Our bodies talk and we must listen. I took the suggested protocols & it took a year to heal & start seeing results. It was the hardest year because my face hurt so bad and I didn’t want to be seen. It was very draining on me mentally & physically.

This led me on another path to learn & train with the physicist who made the biofeedback modality so I could help others. I trained for years with him and 2 amazing teachers & will continue learning forever as it’s an amazing technology to support others and help assess what’s going on.

To be continued...


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