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My journey - Part 1

Hi guys 😊 since there are new people on here, in the next few posts I’ll be sharing a little bit about me 😊

Growing up I was a Jersey girl but became a Cali girl during my teen years and on. So now I’m officially a Cali girl since I’ve been here 31 yrs.😉

During my childhood, I ate whatever I wanted & never gained weight. I was a “twig” as some called me 😉

In my 20’s I had a second refrigerator in my garage that was filled with soda for when guests came over. Water was not much in my life at that time.🙄

But in my 30’s I realized that what I put in my body was important and I needed to learn more. So this is where I began my health & nutrition studies.

I started cooking healthy and everyone around me was not a happy camper at first.😂 They weren’t used to this new Jen 😉 they liked the old Jen.😜

Shortly after, my family members were going through several health issues in which I went to almost every Dr visit to learn and help as much as I could. This intrigued me to delve into learning about natural modalities as well as conventional options.

To be continued...


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