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My journey - Part 4

After healing from the root cause, I had skin imperfections all over my face. That again was very challenging emotionally. Thankfully my dear friend/sister introduced me to doTERRA, and I started using oils that helped with skin support and emotional balance. That was a lifesaver. You can see from the pictures how my face healed starting from the inside out. First, I healed the root cause, then topically healing the skin imperfections. This led me to delve into essential oils to help support others emotionally, physically & mentally.

📸These pics are from 2014/2015

In between all this, I was studying & became a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach.


I then began my study for another modality that would further help my clients. I became a VoiceBio©™ Sound Therapist Certified by Dr. Kae Thompson-Liu. I am so thankful for this modality as well. It can tell what’s going on within minutes. It complements the Biofeedback modality in such that the Biofeedback delves deeper into things & gets to the nitty-gritty.

At the same time, I also got certified as a Life Coach, which is another one of my passions. God gave me the gift of listening to people with a gentle heart from a young age. So this was another tool I wanted to use to help and support people in their life.

Shortly after this, I opened my office in a wellness center. It was such a blessing to be able to provide Biofeedback Assessments, VoiceBio, Life/Mindset & Health Coaching, Essential Oil Education & other natural options to help support the whole being.

I had many personal life changes after this. Things in my life completely changed & I used all my tools that I help others with on myself. I can say it has been a blessing that I could/can support myself during challenging times with all the tools I’ve learned.🙏🏻

To be continued...


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